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4 Reasons To Try a Watercolour Class Online (and none of them are Covid!)

I've been teaching online for over a year now and at first I thought it would be only temporary (sound familiar?).

Early on, I thought there was no way I could replace in person instruction and was itching to get back into studios and classrooms to teach. But after a year, I almost prefer teaching online - and not just because I never have to leave home or wear shoes! 

There have been so many benefits online art classes for teachers and students. 

Here are some reasons why you should try and online Art class! 

1 ) You always have a Front Row Seat

Watercolour is very technique based and it's important that you see what the instructor is doing. Controlling the water is the most difficult thing to teach and it's almost impossible to demonstrate from far away. I've done crowded demos in rooms full of people and it can be very difficult to see what the artist is doing. I've taken classes myself where you have to elbow your way to the front or tip toe and lean around others to see whats happening.  

With my dual camera set up, students always have an unobstructed view of what my brush is doing! They can see my palette and colour mixing in real time. 

2) Classes are Extravert or Introvert Friendly

I am an extravert and people that know me, know I barely stop talking! But, I know not everyone loves to chat as much as I do. In my classes some students enjoy taking the entire class with the mic/camera off and thats perfectly fine! Questions can be put in chat or emailed after class. I'm always happy to give some tips in an email after class as well. 

Chatty artists can un-mic themselves and participate in critiques or pre/post class chats as well. I really love getting to know you, but it's ok if you are a "fly on the wall" type learner as well! 

I've even started including a private facebook group for longer courses so students can share their work and get more feedback from each other. 

3) Affordable

In addition to saving money on gas, online art classes can be a bit less expensive than in person classes (often because an artist doesn't have to rent space or commute themselves!).  

If you have little Artists at home, you can also save money on babysitters! Many parents have their kids paint along and I love seeing children's versions of the paintings at the end of class! 

4) Fits your Schedule

Not only do you save time driving (especially in winter) but many classes are recorded and can be rewatched on your own time! You can watch class while making dinner, then paint along after if you choose! 

I know I can be a speedy painter, and some students prefer to watch and take it all in then watch again and paint. Being able to pause me can be a good thing. This style of instruction can suit a variety of learning styles and gives students the option to speed things up or slow things down. You can even mute me if you get tired of hearing me talk! haha. 

Ready to try an Online Class? 

I wrote a bit about what an online class is like here if you are curious about my set up. I have a new block of fall classes coming up and I would love to paint with you virtually! 

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