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My Favourite Supplies for Inktober

 Inktober is a month long celebration of Ink. Every day in October, artists are challenged to create a new piece of art using ink and so many amazing artists locally and internationally are taking part this year.

As a watercolour artist, it is a fun new way to experiment and change things up with my watercolour practice. I've taken the month to redo some of my most beloved subjects with an inky twist!  

Ink is a lot more diverse than you think and works beautifully with watercolour! Traditionally ink and watercolour together is called “Ink and Wash” and has been used by artists for hundreds of years.

Using ink doesn't mean you have to have old fashioned dip pens, fountain pens or even expensive bottled ink. You can use ink from a plain old bic pen or a sharpie. Most of the time, I use my regular watercolours and a waterproof pen. A fine tipped waterproof sharpie will work! 

Here are the supplies I have been using and loving this month.

I will talk about supplies and techniques in my Pop up Ink and Wash class on Monday, October 25th. I’d love for you to join me!

Hot Press Watercolour Paper

Hot Press Paper has a smooth finish and works well with ink and wash. In the long run, I find the rough surface of coldpress paper hard on felt tipped pens. Creating strong solid lines is much easier with a the smooth surface of hot press paper.

Hotpress can be a bit less forgiving than coldpress papers so if using a lot of water, you need to be careful to control your water. I find that for ink and wash pieces, I use a lot less water and hotpress paper works wonderfully!

As always, I prefer 100% Cotten by Arches. It is worth the splurge! Try buying one large sheet and cutting down to smaller sizes.

Micron Pens

These pens by Sakura come in a variety of sizes and are the “gold standard” for waterproof pens. They are archival, meaning they don’t fade and create a beautiful solid line. They last well and you can choose your thickness. They also come in a variety of colours if you don’t want to use black.

Lamy Pen

I know a lot of fountain pen enthusiasts and while I haven’t went down the rabbit hole of fountain pens, I do love this one! I bought it for myself after failing last year’s Inktober challenge.

They have a few nib sizes, are great for beginners and have plastic refills or you can add a converter and use bottled ink. 

They are great for urban sketching. But be careful, the ink is not waterproof so use it after applying Watercolour. 

Locally you can buy them at The Art Store of Waterloo or Phidon Pens in Cambridge.

White Gelly Roll Pen

These bring me back to my high school doodling days, but they are a great pen to add to your collection. They are inexpensive and the white ones are perfect for adding white lines and highlights to your work.

Try them on black watercolour paper or use them to create white accents in your watercolour paintings. They are also great for adding your signature to Watercolour paintings that use very dark colours.

Winsor and Newton Gold Ink

I used this ink in my peacock painting. It is a luxurious, highly pigmented gold colour. I have a few gold watercolours, but this ink is very intense and works great for strong gold accents. You can use a nib pen to apply fine lines or apply with a regular watercolour brush.

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