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Your First Watercolour Supplies

Are you ready to learn Watercolour? 

Sometimes the hardest step to starting a new hobby is getting started!  With watercolour, there are definitely a few hurdles to get past before you can really get the brush to the paper. 

What paints do I buy? How much water do I add? Why wont the paint do what I want it to? 

Of course the first (and maybe most intimidating) step is buying some new art supplies. I've created a Guide to your First Watercolour Supplies to help demystify your first trip to the Art Store.

Shoot me an email if you would like a downloadable PDF to take with you to the Art Store! 

guide to watercolour supplies

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  • Great guide and nicely designed! I also like that all the buyers are local. Perfect time to get the paint supplies ready for spring and plein air season!

    Ian O'Neill

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