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Mini Online Workshop  - Ink and Watercolour Techniques

Mini Online Workshop - Ink and Watercolour Techniques

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It is INKTOBER, and Ink and Watercolour is a perfect match! 

I've put together a Mini Workshop to show you how to add ink to your watercolour paintings. Students will learn about ink supplies and we will discuss how and when to apply ink (is it before you paint or after?).

I will cover pen techniques such as stippling and hatching and show you how to create form and depth with a combination of watercolour and ink. 

Monday, October 25th from 7 - 8 pm EST. Replay will be available!  

This is an Online Workshop. Students will need to download the free Zoom App to participate.


A Pen (Waterproof is Preferred)

I will be demonstrating a variety of products, but you can follow along with any pen and any watercolours. A waterproof pen is preferred. A fine tip Sharpie is great! Dip pens or fountain pens are fun if you have them. 

My favourite pens are micron pens by Sakura, available at any art store

Watercolour Paper (Hot or Cold Press)


Watercolour Brush

Water cup

Paper Towel

*In such a quick demo, a hair dryer is handy to speed up drying times. 

Ages 15 plus